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CheckPoint PATH

Process Assessment & Technical Help


CheckPoint Consulting now provides a brand new offering for finance and IT leaders who are seeking to maximize the value of existing financial systems. Through our no-cost, short term engagement with your organization’s key stakeholders, we will review your existing environment and map out short and long-term strategies for your overall financial systems landscape. Following this session, we will document our findings, possible solutions and a comprehensive PATH that balances on-premise applications with the potential of rapidly advancing Cloud solutions. Your PATH will be designed to provide maximum benefit while minimizing risk.

CheckPoint PATH Assesses:

  • Requirement gaps in current solution
  • Overall solution strategy 
  • On-premise to Cloud migration path
  • Streamlining of financial reporting and planning processes
  • Optimization of performance and end user experience
  • Long-term support and sustainability of solution

This program can clarify vital and non-vital decisions and identify a timeline for making key strategy adjustments.

Application Evaluations:

  • Accounting, Compliance and Reporting 
  • Financial Planning, Forecasting and Analysis
  • Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics
  • Data Governance
  • Data Integration
  • Ongoing support and Managed Services

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