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Advisory Services

EPM Experts: We Create a Technical Interpretation of Your Business Needs

Enterprise Performance Management transforms the finance function and increases visibility across the organization when technology is aligned with business goals, priorities and KPIs driving the most value in your organization. To realize that value, you need a guide: Advisory Services. Our experience is EPM-specific; on average, our consultants have worked with EPM Roadmaps for more than 15 years. We use a qualitative process to collaborate with you, ask and answer critical business questions. Our unique, auditable method provides a context for:

  • Understanding and prioritizing business drivers
  • Defining an EPM Framework: opportunities and constraints for Planning, Reporting, Modeling and Analytics
  • Creating a Roadmap action plan, prioritizing short and long-term EPM initiatives that align with drivers and goals


Our Approach

  • Assessment
  • Value Map: uncover KPIs driving value in your business
  • Roadmap: create action plan to align EPM solutions with KPIs
  • Metrics: clarify reporting and measurement against strategic KPIs and forecasting foundation

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