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Maximize Your Oracle Hyperion Investment with a Solution Review

If you launched your Oracle Hyperion Business Performance Management product(s) more than a year ago, your business has likely undergone some level of change. Additionally, there are likely some requirements that were not incorporated in your initial launch of the product(s) for one of a number of reasons, such as timing or a lack of knowledge of everything these powerful tools have to offer. Finally, you may not be experiencing the level of performance or end-user experience you had anticipated.

A Solution Review by CheckPoint Consulting is a packaged offering specifically designed for customers who implemented one of the Oracle Hyperion products more than a year ago. It is intended to optimize the existing implementation and provide a solid action plan to maximize your investment through short and long-term recommendations geared at taking full advantage of the Oracle Hyperion products.


The Solution Review is a methodical process led by a CheckPoint Consulting team that:

  • Analyzes your current implementation and provides recommendations regarding performance, maintainability, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Understands current business requirements, how they have changed since the original implementation and how the Oracle Hyperion suite already in place may be able to satisfy new requirements.
  • Develops a comprehensive plan, with short and long-term action items, in order to optimize the existing environment and incorporate unmet requirements.



  • Optimize current application for performance, end-user experience and maintainability.
  • Short and long-term plans allow for immediate ROI.
  • Recommendations are detailed and can be self-implemented in an ad-hoc fashion or as an overall project.
  • Increased return on Oracle Hyperion maintenance fees through increased usage of existing products.


For more information regarding CheckPoint's Solution Review, please contact us.

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