Change Management

Designing and implementing software and processes is only half the battle in complete EPM solutions. Ensuring the successful integration of the solution into the overall business process context, maximizing the effectiveness of the technical solution and gaining efficiencies through business process improvement where possible is just as important.

Checkpoint Consultants help facilitate the involvement, collaboration, and ultimate acceptance of stakeholders and users of your EPM solution. Some of the key processes we perform and help deliver include:

  • Identify affected business processes and changes
  • Perform stakeholder analysis
  • Develop impact assessment
  • Develop and Execute communication plan
  • Develop and Execute training plan
  • Facilitate user acceptance through solution deployment


Recently, we’ve been working with clients to help improve their EPM adoption success by helping to certify their internal centers of excellence and EPM support centers. Our goal is to help make clients self-sufficient in EPM change management and expansion.

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