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Utilize the best assets for your Cloud future. Your organization’s growth is not a one-time event. Oracle Cloud if implemented correctly can deliver real time growth opportunity year over year.

If you have committed to moving to the Cloud, you are aware of the multiple application upgrade paths to resolve. Wouldn’t it be great to have a safe setting that allows you test and develop your current applications?  

Moving to Oracle’s Cloud requires your EPM applications to be on the latest version. CheckPoint offers a location for upgrading to the proper version before migrating to the cloud. Utilizing our Enterprise-class lab facilities, you can save time and resources, allowing you to focus on the thing that matters most:  your business. Don’t get derailed – let the CheckPoint Lab accelerate your Cloud destiny, with no downtime.

CheckPoint Lab

Our world class internal lab allows you to upgrade, easing upgrade pains prior to moving to the Cloud.

  • We enable you to send your Oracle applications to an off-site lab for further development and enhancement.
  • Our experts will install your version of Oracle applications in a high powered server environment, test it and offer any recommendations for improvement.
  • No downtime to you and your users, saving time and money.

Off-Site Testing of Your Oracle Applications

  • Comprehensive Testing: Your application will be brought into our state of the art lab and installed on the exact same version of the Oracle product you are using at your site. The application will then be put through rigorous testing to see how it performs. From this, a comprehensive document will be created that can be compared with the typical results at your site.
  • Application Tuning: Once it is known how your application performs in its current state, opportunities for tuning its performance will be tested. Nothing will be overlooked from a tuning perspective. Everything from block size to data cache to server threads will be adjusted, tweaked, tuned and retested by our experts. From this, a comprehensive report will be produced explaining what was discovered.
  • Recommendations for Improvement: As with any application, situations may arise where a change in its design may yield significant benefits. Included in the report will be any recommendations that if implemented could allow your application to perform better than in its current state. 

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