Data Governance

Data Governance is a necessary discipline that helps the enterprise gain new insights into its customers, products, regions, and people. It is more than a technical domain – it includes business processes, individual roles and responsibilities, and impacts and is impacted by the culture of an organization.

CheckPoint Consulting Helps You:

  • Make Data Governance operational through organization structure and oversight recommendations
  • Identify and design roles and responsibilities to implement and support data governance
  • Prioritize Financial Data to be governed – from EPM to transactional systems like the G/L and ERP
  • Implement solutions to support data governance processes and people, including Oracle’s Data Relationship Management and Data Relationship Governance

CheckPoint Consulting works hand-in-hand with Finance and IT to help identify key business requirements and turn them into complete EPM solutions – from vision, through design and implementation to roll-out & support.

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