Large Pharmaceutical Company

CheckPoint resources assisted with their implementation of HFM/FDM in 2005, going live in January of 2006 with more than 400 legal entities and 1800 users. Subsequently, CheckPoint assisted in the upgrade to the System 9 platform and with projects to increase the level of functionality in their cash flow and inventory amortization processes. CheckPoint's role on this project was to oversee and execute all aspects of the implementation, from software selection through build, test and deployment phases. This included Application design, build and test; process design; change management; training, and PMO oversight.

CheckPoint is presently in the process of deploying a Global Budget and Forecast solution with Hyperion Planning to more than 3000 users. They have gone live with their initial pilot market and are in the deployment stages to the 2nd of 3 additional deployment phases. CheckPoint is leading the application portion of this implementation, overseeing all aspects of design, build, testing and deployment of the 19 different Planning applications.

Global Health Care Company

The client deployed HFM/FDM globally to more than 400 users during 2006, going live in January 2007. CheckPoint assisted in all aspects of this project, leading the overall Application efforts and providing assistance to the client and led Program and Change Management efforts. The client incorporated numerous complex components in their system, including detailed currency analysis (with cross-rate and mulit-currency reporting for each market), cash flow, JV accounting, and budget/forecasting collection.

In May of 2007, the client announced an acquisition of two companies that upon completion of the integration would increase their size by roughly 40%. In order to expand their existing HFM/FDM applications as a result of this acquisition, the client engaged CheckPoint again to assist in the design, development and deployment of a new application. The transaction closed in November of 2007 and the new application went into production on December 1, 2007.

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