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Metrics: What Should We Measure and Report On? What’s Possible?

Despite efforts to improve financial close, reporting and filing processes, 68 percent of finance managers in large, global companies cite a lack of visibility into reporting, according to Oracle and Accenture’s joint 2012 report The Challenges of Corporate Reporting. Eighty-four percent admit difficulty in controlling the quality of financial data across the reporting process.

Investing in shiny brandy new solutions does not streamline these processes—or generate meaningful data. Aligning technology with KPIs will.

Advisory Services: Value Mapping Methodology.

Key performance indicators are just that: key. It’s ineffective to measure numerous KPIs—that’s why we define those that are most strategic in your blueprint. We use the roadmap to explore the value of business priorities, degree of complexity and connections to KPIs. This indicates where technology will empower the organization. We use metrics  to further align, focus and collaborate across the organization.

With aligned KPIs, you can measure more strategically, have more time to model, see results of potential actions and respond with greater efficiency. You’ll have a better understanding—and the data—to explain:

  • What happened?
  • Why did we get these results?
  • What will happen if, for example, we acquire a business or increase sales by 10 percent next quarter?

Finance teams and senior management will be able to see the possibilities and plan without incurring risk. Advisory Services works closely with you to establish a process for modeling and assessment so that the information you extract and apply is meaningful and drives results.

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