Performance Testing & Improvement

Performance Testing & Improvement

Performance Engineering Services

We know the pitfalls in undersizing hardware. Our goal is to ensure you've got the right architecture to drive your implementation for today's reality and tomorrow's growth. This begins with measuring your applications, on your hardware, with performance metrics tools. Our experts have years of experience in the Hyperion Oracle Suite and performance metric tools like HP LoadRunner. When combined, those skill sets allow us to build your company a scalable, resilient architecture catered to your business performance management needs.

A performance engineering engagement is designed to understand your business process and create real-world tests that will mirror the user communities experience within your existing architecture. Our team can collaborate with you to design the scenarios, script the test parameters and execute the tests. CheckPoint also provides an expert analysis of your application and infrastructure needs to: identify application issues or bottlenecks, implement tuning modifications and identify additional architectural requirements.

Some of the Highlights Our Experts Will Provide:

  • Process Review
  • Scripting
  • Stress Testing
  • Tuning
  • Sizing

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