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Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Finance Managers: Your Intelligence is Needed for Analysis, Not Data Consolidation.

As gatekeepers of operational data, finance managers can offer tremendous value as strategic advisors to senior management. But you need to see the big picture in order to understand your organization’s performance and make sound recommendations. Too often, disjointed systems bog down access to complete data, and your time is spent consolidating reports from disparate operations. Spreadsheets, while useful on a local level, clutter your ability to see—and quantify—the big picture.

You need reliable data and the ability to focus on analysis.

Enterprise Performance Management

Oracle Hyperion Planning is one solution in an enterprise performance management (EPM) suite designed to unite organizational systems. It improves quality while shortening the budgeting, planning and forecasting cycle. Because Hyperion Planning integrates financial and operational processes, eliminating human error, it allows stakeholders to see financial data from a high level or granular view. All with the validation that numbers you see reflect the information you are trying to find.

But the Solution Isn’t Enough. Proper Integration Produces These Results.

The way Hyperion Planning is integrated into your business environment has everything to do with the results you’ll receive. Checkpoint Consulting specializes in the art and science of Hyperion implementation, so our work starts with business intelligence. What does your organization ultimately want to do? What data do you need? What are your goals? We translate this information into an efficient design, giving you functionality to support your business goals. And we adhere to a proven methodology to mitigate your risk and produce consistent results.

As experts in finance first, we understand your world. We’ll show you how your systems can support profitable revenue growth, operational efficiency, free cash flow and asset utilization.

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