The CheckPoint Lab

The CheckPoint Lab

Off-Site Testing of Your Oracle Hyperion Application

CheckPoint understands the way applications evolve. After the initial deployment the scope of what your application was built to do can change on a week by week basis. What that can leave you with is an undertaking that at times seems daunting when the application fails to perform as it did when it was first built. To recover from such a situation there are downtime and design considerations not to mention the manpower to get the job done.

At CheckPoint we have a solution: Let us test your application in our lab and save time and money!

Imagine being able to send your Oracle Hyperion application to an off site lab and after a short period of time realizing what it will take to return your application to the well oiled machine it started out to be. Our experts will install your version of the Hyperion Oracle application in a high powered server environment, test it, tune it, and offer any recommendations for improvement with no downtime to you and your users.

Some of the Highlights Our Experts Will Provide:

  • Comprehensive Testing: Your application will be brought into our state of the art lab and installed on the exact same version of the Hyperion-Oracle product you are using at your site. The application will then be put through rigorous testing to see how it performs. From this a comprehensive document will be created that can be compared with the typical results at your site.
  • Application Tuning: Once it is known how your application performs in its current state, opportunities for tuning its performance will be tested. Nothing will be overlooked from a tuning perspective. Everything from block size to data cache to server threads will be adjusted, tweaked, tuned, and retested by our application experts. From this a comprehensive report will be produced explaining what was discovered.
  • Recommendations for Improvement: As with any application, situations may arise where a change in its design may yield significant benefits. Included in the report will be any recommendations that if implemented could allow your application to perform better than in its current state.

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